Year 7 Crest Awards

The Big Wind Power Challenge

On Curriculum Enrichment Day last week, Year 7 completed the Big Wind Power Challenge for a Crest Award. All of the boys had a great day in teams of four researching, designing, building and testing their own wind turbines. The aim of the project was to build wind turbine blades mounted to a makeshift chassis to lift as many penny pieces as possible. Boys had different degrees of success but learned valuable lessons of working well in a team and re-evaluating their designs. The record number of coins lifted was 14p by 7P.

All of the boys completed a Discovery passport and a poster of their design which will enable them to gain their Crest Discovery Award once moderated by the Crest organisation.

Mr L Knowles

Second in Science

Verulam School St albans Hertfordshire

Text Messaging Service

Following our successful pilot in Years 10 to 11 last week, we will be extending our text messaging service to all parents from Years 7 to 11 from next week.  Texts will be sent for being late to registration and for absence from school.  The 'late' text will be to inform you of the fact that your son was late to school so that you can discuss the importance of punctuality with him. The 'absence' text will be sent to parents who have not communicated with school regarding their son's absence asking them to contact the school to give a reason for the absence.  The aim of the texts is to communicate these two key elements to you effectively and efficiently to ensure the safety of all of our pupils.