Year 11—Trial Examinations Part 2

We feel that due to the introduction of new syllabi and examinations, the boys will benefit from a second experience of formal, timed examinations which will take place in the week commencing 27th March. This will give them the opportunity to revise and to practise their examination technique.

The timetable is attached for your information. Start times show when exams will start – students therefore need to be in school 15 minutes before this time. They should assemble in the rear basketball court.

If they do not have an exam, they are on study leave. Should they have an exam in the morning session and then one in the afternoon, they will have access to a study room for the remainder of the morning.

I would be grateful if you could discuss this with your son and emphasise the importance of preparing with care.

Mr M J Toley

Assistant Headteacher

Trial Schedule