Revision Update

Year 11 English Revision

Students have been provided with 4 different A3 work books covering the key texts for the English Literature exam. These have been prepared by the English Faculty in order to target specific exam techniques and content. It is essential that boys make good use of this material and spend adequate time working through these during the Easter break.

Year 10 ‘Power and Conflict’ poetry unit

Boys will be issued with an anthology of poems on the theme of ‘Power and Conflict’, they will be studying these poems for their GCSE Literature exam. The anthologies are supplied free of charge, but cannot be replaced and will become important revision material next year. Please ensure that your son has written his name and form clearly on the front cover and impress upon him the need to look after this book during the coming year.

Year 9 English texts

A parentmail has been sent home regarding the texts boys will require for the beginning of the Summer term. These texts can be purchased from school as per the email. The aim is for the boys to read these texts in their reading lessons before studying them in detail in class in Year 10.

Meanwhile in Maths

Mrs Miller has kindly arranged that all boys have plenty of revision work for the Easter holiday and the final run in to examinations. At this stage, addressing areas of weakness and repeated exam practice is the key to achieving target grades.

  • Pupils should use their Mathswatch revision plan to revise areas of weakness. They should particularly focus on questions where they did not score marks in the recent Pixl exams.
  • Boys have also been given a full set of Edexcel practice papers which should be completed as should the three blue homework exams papers.