News from Mr Ramsey

Electronic safety

Could I ask all parents to remind their son or daughter that is not permitted to charge phones or other electronic equipment at school. This is because it is unsafe to plug in untested chargers into the school’s system. Pupils found abusing this rule will be punished.

Year 10 exams

I would like to wish the best of luck to Year 10 who are the last cohort to undertake their end of year examinations.

This year we will be imposing strict Joint Council Qualification rules on Year 10 pupils in order that they learn the importance of adhering to examination rules and etiquette. This is vital, as failure to observe this in public exams can lead to disqualification without right of appeal. The key rules are as follows:

  1. Mobile phones may not be taken into the examination room – we recommend pupils do not bring their phones into school during exams.
  2. There must be no talking or communication once instead the school exam venue.
  3. Watches must be placed on the exam desk. Smart watches are not permitted.
  4. Pencil cases must be transparent.
  5. Water bottles must have labels removed.
  6. All examination answers must be written in black pen. Eraser pens may not be used.
  7. Failing to follow instructions from any invigilator may result in disqualification.

Summer Picnic Concert

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of witnessing a whole host of Verulam’s talented musicians performing in the beautiful evening sun. It was lovely to see representatives from all years taking part. The variety of music ensured all tastes were catered for (as were taste buds with a variety of tasty picnics) with music from the 1880’s to the 1980s.

The Junior Band started the evening with their rendition of Axel Foley, followed by Beatles numbers sung by the choir. The quality of all performances was excellent, however my personal highlight was the String Ensemble led by Kai Miller who played a beautiful version of Schubert’s Tragic Symphony. Year 8 were also strongly represented by two bands who produced highly confident performances in front of a demanding audience. However, Year 7 also provided stiff competition.

The Year 10 Music GCSE class all turned out to play us an excellent arrangement of current popular songs which were arranged by the students themselves. The evening was rounded off with members of the Jazz Band playing as the sun went down. A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all.

P A Ramsey

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Wednesday 17th January 2018

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