News from Mr Ramsey

Exam season is now underway

The public examinations season commenced this week and it was a pleasure to see the excellent work created during the GCSE Art examination. The more traditional examinations begin on Monday 15th May and so this week, I gave clear examination protocol guidance to Years 11, 12 and 13 pupils. I would like to use opportunity to also brief parents.

The exam boards are particularly concerned by the danger posed by mobile phones, smart watches and web enabled devices. We therefore collect in all such items at the beginning of an exam and ordinary watches must now be placed on the examination table. Pupils must also bring all their equipment to the exam in a transparent pencil case so that revision materials cannot be concealed. Similarly, calculator lids may not be brought into an exam and memories should be erased.

I also advise all students to discard revision notes or cue cards before lining up for the exam as they can easily be forgotten in the excitement of the moment.

It is important to remember that any infringement of examination regulations can lead to disqualification and losing the entire qualification even if the error was entirely innocent and no actual cheating took place.

My greatest concern however, is that pupils turn up in good time and in the right frame of mind for exams. Of vital important here is ensuring pupils have enough time to get to school and have had either a good breakfast or lunch.

It is also vitally important that the exam timetable is shared with the whole family and pupils are clear whether their exams take place in the morning or afternoon. Unfortunately this is the most common error and can lead to extremely rushed arrivals at school or in the worst case, missing an exam.

Finally, if your son or daughter has been affected by illness or serious emotional distress during the exam period, please contact us immediately so we can consider applying for special consideration.

Mobile Phones/Spinners

Despite continued warnings, some boys are still using mobile phones or playing with spinners during the school day. If pupils’ phones are confiscated more than once per term, they will not be returned until the end of the week.

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