News from Mr Ramsey

Start of term

I would like to wish all parents, pupils and staff a very happy Easter Holiday and to remind you that the summer term starts on Tuesday 25th April at 8.35am. As we announced last week, summer uniform will be in force from this date. Uniform details can be found under the policies section of the School website.

Condition Improvement Fund Bid Success

I am pleased to announce that this year’s bid for funding from the Academy Condition Improvement Fund has been successful. We bid for a project to refurbish the exterior of the Business/RE block and to replace the existing windows in Art and the History/ Science corridor.

The Government awarded us £100,000 towards to this £150,000 project which will commence later this summer. We will combine the completion of these works with the creation of our new STEM lab in S2.

Changes for the summer term 2017

Revised Mobile Phone Policy

Unfortunately some pupils have not been able to follow the Mobile Phone Policy that was introduced earlier this year. We have, therefore, decided to simplify our approach by banning the use of mobiles in school from Years 7-11 as they cause disruption to learning. From the start of the Summer term:

  • Pupils may bring mobile phones into school
  • They should be switched off at all times and placed in a blazer pocket or bag.
  • Phones may not be used for communication, games or music during the day. Any phone that is seen may be confiscated.
  • Confiscated phones will be returned by the Headmaster and repeat offenders will have their phone confiscated until the end of the week.

Revised Open School Policy

At Verulam we are proud of our Open School policy which allows pupils to use their form rooms at lunch and break. Unfortunately pupils have been unable to keep their rooms litter free, and so from the start of the summer term, we are banning the consumption of food in classrooms. In order to reduce litter, we are also insisting that canteen food is eaten inside the canteen, the Canteen Quad or Year 7 and 8 playgrounds. No food may be transported through the school.

P A Ramsey