Making a Drama out of Latin Class

The crowded Roman forum and the lively Roman theatre are two of the settings we have studied in Latin class this term. Year 8 & 9 Latin Class meets on a Wednesday lunchtime, and we have our food while working on Latin sentences. We then use our Latin to translate stories about ancient Pompeii in the days before Vesuvius erupted. We have also been discovering the adventures and all round bad behaviour of the Greek and Roman gods.

We sharpened our drama skills when we acted out a section of Roman comedy which we had
translated. To make it even more realistic, we rehearsed it using the theatre masks we had made for homework. The boys spoke the Latin clearly and expressively and could obviously have been professional Roman actors, if only it wasn’t two thousand years too late.

Next term, we’ll be learning about slavery and Roman beliefs about life after death. Year 8 & 9 Latin class is run by Dr Harvey. For more details, contact [email protected]