“Knights” club is for students with active imaginations

Knights Club was originally set up by members of the Sixth Form. It is now run by Jack Fitzpatrick, Thomas Gratte, Lucas Costantini and Andrew Lawrence with the assistance of Mr Lazaro.

Knight Club is for students with active imaginations who enjoy participating in role playing games varying from horror, 1920s and Dungeons and Dragons. The group also enjoy Call of Cthulhu, a more esoteric game, which is based on the work of an American horror writer called H P Lovecraft.

Apart from character role playing, students play games using cards and also a variety of board games. The students are unanimous in that the class is a fun experience where you can let your imagination run wild, have a laugh with other students and is an opportunity to make good friends.

So why don’t you come and join in the fun on Wednesday and Thursdays after school 3.30pm to 5.30pm in Room 7.

Text Messaging Service

Following our successful pilot in Years 10 to 11 last week, we will be extending our text messaging service to all parents from Years 7 to 11 from next week.  Texts will be sent for being late to registration and for absence from school.  The 'late' text will be to inform you of the fact that your son was late to school so that you can discuss the importance of punctuality with him. The 'absence' text will be sent to parents who have not communicated with school regarding their son's absence asking them to contact the school to give a reason for the absence.  The aim of the texts is to communicate these two key elements to you effectively and efficiently to ensure the safety of all of our pupils.