News from Mr Ramsey

London and Manchester Terror Attacks

I thought parents would like to know that the school observed a minute’s silence on Tuesday morning in order to give us time to reflect on the London and Manchester terror attacks.

All form tutors showed a powerpoint to pupils prior to the minute’s silence asking them to remember the victims and their families and to consider the bravery and dedication of ordinary people and the emergency services.

We also asked pupils to think about the importance of the key British values of:

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs This seemed particularly important during the week of a general election; the cornerstone of our democracy.

Verulam Mock Election

Ms Flint from the History Department enabled pupils to take part in an online vote on Thursday to mirror the general election. I am not sure whether our results will mirror the national picture! The final results are shown below:

Green Party 20.5% Labour Party 19% Conservative Party 15.5% UKIP 15.9%

Lib Dems 8%
SNP 0.6%
Wasted votes/spoiled papers 20.5%

Air Ambulance Called

On Wednesday afternoon a pupil was accidentally hurt and the attending paramedic requested an air ambulance. Fortunately this was not needed.
I am pleased to say that the pupil concerned is recovering well and has been discharged from hospital.

A worrying Social Media Trend

During the final week of last term, we became aware that a very small number of pupils had attempted to copy a trend they had seen on social media. The ‘pass- out challenge’, in which people attempt to make themselves momentarily pass out, is clearly a worrying trend.

We immediately addressed the issue during assemblies in the final week of term and made it clear how potentially damaging this could be.
I am pleased to confirm that we have had no further instances of this occurring since the half term break. If any parent has a concern, please do not hesitate to contact me or their son/daughter’s Head of Year.

P A Ramsey

Blue Peris medical forms

A reminder that Year 9 Blue Peris medical forms need to be returned to Mr Hiscock in PE as soon as possible if you have not already handed this in.

Spare forms are available from the PE office if needed.

Beats School Uniform

Beats will being having a “pop-up” shop at school on the following dates:

24th July
31st July
7th August
14th August
21st August
29th August (due to Bank Holiday)

Open from 10am—4pm