News from Mr Ramsey

Pupil safety

I would like to make parents aware of a violent incident that took place on Friday evening at Bernard’s Heath.
On Monday we learned that two boys from another school had arranged to meet for a fight which was witnessed and videoed by many onlookers. I believe that some Verulam pupils subsequently became involved in a violent assault on a pupil from another school.

We are, of course, assisting the police fully in their enquiries and will pursue our own disciplinary action as appropriate.

Year 10 take the next step

In previous years, Year 10 pupils would have been revising for their Core Science GCSE examinations which was excellent preparation for the rigours of Year 11. Unfortunately, the Examination Board now insist that all Science exams are taken at the end of Year 11. We have, therefore, decided to emphasise the importance of the end of year exams in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science.

As part of this process, we will be introducing Year 10 to “parallel study” work which is neither class or homework, but will be undertaken by all pupils in order to help them prepare for examinations.

I introduced parallel study to Year 10 this week and explained that their studies will commence over half term with Science. Each week the Science Department will issue worksheets on Show My Homework which, if completed, will enable pupils to revise the Year 10 content before the end of year examinations. The English and Maths Departments will also adopt this approach after half term.

We have found that boys who follow the parallel study course rigorously, do much better in the final GCSE examinations.


The recent craze for fidget spinners clearly causes distractions in the classroom and these toys are now banned at school and will be confiscated on sight. Mrs Helliwell (the SENDCo) will be providing an alternative support/device for pupils with a SEND diagnosis. Parents are asked to communicate directly with Mrs Helliwell to obtain authorisation.

Equipped for the final half term

Verulam has a clear policy of working until the last day of the summer term. It is therefore vital that boys are properly equipped for their studies. A recent inspection of Year 10 pupils showed that this is not

always the case. I have, therefore, included the equipment list in this week’s Verulam Voice.
It is similarly important that boys are correctly dressed and follow summer uniform correctly. I would be particularly grateful if parents could ensure that all boys are wearing correct footwear and not trainers. It is also worth reminding parents that excessively modish haircuts and piercings are prohibited. As a rule of thumb, hair should not be trimmed closer than a number 3 grade, whilst lines and colouring is banned.

Refurbishment works

Work on the R.E., Business and History blocks will commence after half term, as will the refurbishment of Science 1 into our new STEM lab. I am very grateful to all those who have contributed to the Verulam Charitable Trust who have made this work possible. Any parent who is interested in supporting the work on the Verulam Charitable Trust can find a link to this on the school website.

P A Ramsey

French and Spanish

I would ask that all students who study French or Spanish buy a folder with plastic wallets and 12 dividers for the first lesson back after half-term.

Miss E Blyth Joint Head of MFL

Book Return

If your son has borrowed a CPG ‘Power and Conflict’ revision guide from school, please ensure that he returns it to Reception so that our current Year 10 boys can have the same opportunity to borrow the books next year.

Mrs P Avery

English Department

Due to Open Day on 30th September, the school will close early at 12.45pm on 29th September and there will be a late registration on 2nd October at 9.45am