Information regarding Start of Autumn Term

Dear Parents/Carers

I am writing to welcome your son/daughter back to Verulam for the autumn term 2017 and to inform you of arrangements for the first day of term on Tuesday 5th September.

Please find below a summary table of start times for each year group.

Year GroupStart timePupils to report to
78.35amBradshaw Playground
810.30amForm room
910.30amForm room
1010.30amForm room
1110.30amForm room
128.35amForm room if known or 6th form centre
1312pmForm room


You will find information about Pastoral teams, including your son’s/daughter’s Head of Year, Tutor and form room attached to this letter.

All Year 7 to Year 11 students should arrive at school in full school uniform as follows:

  • Navy blazer with badge
  • Dark grey or black trousers of conventional cut
  • House tie
  • School pullover (optional in warm weather: ordinary grey V-necked pullover may also be worn)
  • White or pale blue shirt with appropriate collar
  • Black shoes suitable for formal wear
  • Dark grey or black socks

Hairstyles should be such that they are consistent with a smart overall appearance, that is, no shorter than a number 3 and of a natural colour. Extreme styles, e.g. staggered, Mohawk, tramlines are not permitted including patterns/lines/partings shaved into the hair. Jewellery, except for a watch, should not be worn.

All 6th form students are expected to wear clothes which would be acceptable in a professional environment.

Students in all years should bring a rugged and capacious bag such as a rucksack with a full pencil case containing the following items:

  • Black or blue pens for writing
  • HB graphite pencils
  • Colouring pencils
  • Highlighter pens
  • Green and Red biros
  • Clear 30cm ruler
  • Small scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Scientific calculator
  • Maths set(except 6th for who are not studying Maths)

We trust that you and your son/daughter have spent a restful and relaxing summer and are ready for the challenges of the new term.

Yours sincerely


JL Harrison

Pastoral Director

Click on the link to view the Form Tutors.